At YELLOW CAP, we believe that interior decoration is a whole with Architecture, Landscaping, surrounding Environment, local Culture and Art scene, History of the people and site. Outer spaces and living areas are one and shall respond to each other naturally, smoothly and positively.

Reaching this harmony between the interiors and exteriors, from the ground floors to the heights is an exciting challenge that YELLOW CAP handle with passion, creativity, expertise and respect.

Appreciating the project’s’ environment through a multi-sensorial approach, YC captures the essential elements of each area, pairing and blending them prior to integrating them in each space.

YC aims for excellence and collaborates with a group of experts who share the same vision and the same values of a well-executed work.

Each project is thus reviewed together in order to share and structure the key elements that will be used in each living space, giving them that extra soul that transforms a place into a unique memorable experience.

Yellow Cap
Yellow Cap
Courtesy of Dripin - Concept inspired by street artists : Retna, Pichiavo, Zdey, Bao
Courtesy of Dripin - Concept inspired by street artists : Retna, Pichiavo, Zdey, Bao



Archetype is a consultancy grown from architecture, and those origins run deep in the firm.

Founded in Asia in 2002 by a group of French architects and engineers, Archetype Group is dedicated to creating innovative architectural and master planning designs of the highest quality that coexist in harmony with their environment and reflect the best in concept and execution to be found.

This passion to create inspiring, functional and aesthetic spaces for our clients is integral to our vision; the Group’s strong reputation and steady expansion reflects our success in its fulfillment.

Archetype Group brings together in-depth local knowledge, diverse international expertise and exquisite European aesthetics to develop innovative solutions for unusual challenges.

It is this ability to blend the local and the international, to merge the past, present and future into one concept, to create where others merely implement, which has forged our reputation as a regional leader and top-ranked global firm.


- Shaping today’s projects and tomorrow’s dreams -



Miaja Design Group is an international interior design firm providing hospitality design solutions for economy, mid-scale and luxury brand hotels and resorts around the world. including interior design services for corporate developments, and high-end residential clients.

Leaded by Isabelle Miaja, Chosen as one of the World most influential Designer, her portfolio includes Award winning City Hotels and Resorts, some of which she designed the Architecture – blending Culture, Art and creating stories which take root in the fabric of the place the project is being built is expressed through her passion for everything beautiful and meaningful.

- Passion for interior design leads to the top -



Street Art lovers, we, at DRIP’IN, have created a unique group of street artists from the world, united by the same passion, the same engagement towards community and the same will to be different.

DRIP’IN thus invites customers to experience a new approach of urban art into hospitality interior and exterior decoration.

Its mission is to create positive impact by bringing Urban art’s culture and aesthetics into living spaces.

DRIP’IN develops exclusive art objects and site murals’ painting in close collaboration with the artists. The blend of art with Interior Decoration provides clients with the unique and authentic soul that inspires everyone.

- Street art for positive impact -



INTERSCÈNE’s dual expertise in Urban planning and Landscape architecture enriches its approach to territories with a cross-disciplinary vision encompassing all the complexities of a site.

On the borders of several disciplines, artistic, scientific and ecological, INTERSCÈNE bring together its know-how to redesign the city and the territories of tomorrow with a concern for ethics and sustainable development.

Plants are set at the heart of each of the urban and peri-urban development projects, ensuring mutual respect of human development while living nature as part of the architecture.

Programming, diagnosis, development of master plans, project management and / or assistance, INTERSCÈNE is present at every phase of the project.

Passionate, plant lovers and devoted to their nature work, the team can scale up any projects, setting up local nurseries to value each specie and ensure their future developments and blends.

If Landscaping is an art, INTERSCÈNE is tackling the masters for an unforgettable natural in/out experience.

- Re-set Men and Nature balance -



A global design agency orchestrating the ideas and inspirations into unique and creative atmospheres where each space carries its signature and story, PAD value every project.

Approaching living spaces as one, PAD decorates and designs objects, furniture and lighting to perfectly match with the environment.

Opposing contrasts or merging them together in harmonious lines is the acme of design to PAD. Customer centric, PAD provide every project with a comprehensive storytelling highlighting the creation path to the final design.

The team of various and complementary designers excel In searching the relevant design combination for each space and bring it to light through well-balanced and refined atmospheres.

- Be different, be Design -



SLA Lighting is a creative lighting design agency for architectural and landscape, with tailored expertise for entertainment and cultural projects. Combining narrative approach with detailed technical studies for ambient and comfort atmospheres, SLA team plays with light to generate sensations and emotions while bringing memorable experiences.

Approaching lighting in an innovative and realistic concern, SLA team of international designers from Europe and Asia is crafting vibrant scenography to each project.

SLA masters interactions of lighting with spaces and is thus able to scientifically manipulate light to the dedicated purpose, bringing the sparkle that brightens each project.

- Lighting up your path to wellness -



Team of music consultant, Djs & music producers  involved in music industry for the last 20 years. VOX co-founders Olivier Kreis and Thomas Chere have set up an exclusive partnership with Grammy-award production house Green United Music

Because music is able to create an emotional link between brands/venues and customers, we help our clients to select music that match brand identity and foster brand recognition.We analyse targeted audiences and dig through our music collection to find the right mood that will enhance consumer experience.

- Your style, your music -



Corporate Design is essential to hospitality brands. Brand guidelines shall be duly respected during the process of creation of the projects. 

GT Visual Design designs the entire offer that hospitality carries: Food & beverage menus to room service ones, spa and well-being services and offers, signage and way finding design to touristic attractions leaflets and events program, and many more, ensuring every detail and harmony among creations. 

With an artistic approach, as reflected by the talented owner, himself an artist, GT VD brings a touch of freshness and innovation by using sustainable papers and assemblages and exploiting the trendy codes of communication and their color range. 

Expert in graphic design, GT VD brings supplementary emotion and aim to trigger interest from the clients throughout specific strokes, colours and shapes. Corporate Design is definitely a part of the innovative customer’s experience we aim to share.

- Enter the world of Corporate Design -